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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

This Week's Guests Are Gospel Sensation Syreeta Thompson and Film-makers Tirf Alexius & Remoh Romeo

This week's show is packed to the brim with guests and music!  

First up we have Stellar Award nominated Gospel Trumpet Phenom Syreeta Thompson. Syreeta is regarded as the greatest trumpet players in Gospel music and she is on the podcast to talk about her new album Winner! Perhaps better known as “The Trumpet Lady” Syreeta, second studio album entitled “Winner" features an eclectic range of inspirational music and A-list features including Grammy nominated singer, Hezekiah Walker’s Love fellowship Praise team.

Gospel music fans have been singing the praises of Syreeta Thompson for over a decade. She has been known to share the stage with other gospel greats such as Hezekiah Walker and Dorinda Clark-Cole and recently Syreeta was a featured artist on Dr. Bobby Jones’ Gospel Industry Retreat. Her accomplishments have also earned her a position as the Director of Arts Education for Dorinda Clark Cole’s Singers and Musician’s Conference, a renowned musical convention that inspires and instructs thousands of ministers and performers each year.


You can find Syreeta at:

Next we have the creative minds behind 4 Features Film Company filmmakers and actors Tirf Alexius and Remoh Romeo. Chicago’s top independent film company 4 Features Film, has just announced the upcoming theatrical release of their new feature film Bastard Son of a Thousand Fathers. 4 Features Film is a full service production company that is known for their high quality independent films and also their television commercials which has won them multiple Telly Awards.

Their latest project Bastard Son of a Thousand Fathers has already created a big buzz with their loyal followers and mainstream media. The film is written and directed by Lanre Sarumi and the main characters and executive producers are this week's guests Remoh Romeo and Tirf Alexius.

The crime thriller tells the story of a ruthless immigrant’s persistent quest for power and fame which leads to the development of a new addictive drug that allows the user to reach an ultimate high while still remaining a productive member of society. Just as he’s starting to cash in on his invention, a blackmailing kingpin threatens to take it all away. This fast-paced action packed thriller is filled with cliffhangers and laced with twists, turns, and the bodies of everyone who gets in the way.

The movie is the brainchild of brother team Remoh Romeo and Tirf Alexius who worked on the script for several months before beginning production. “It tells the real life decisions some people are faced with when they have limited options”, says Romeo. “We wanted to give an accurate portrayal of how life can be for immigrants in some of America’s toughest neighborhoods” adds Alexius.

Bastard Son of a Thousand Fathers has a nationwide theatrical trailer and is slated to be released in select movie theaters in Chicago on September 16 and in Los Angeles and New York City September 23. After the theatrical release the film will be released around the world on every major on-demand format. For more on Bastard Son of a Thousand Fathers visit the film's website 

You can Find Remoh at:

You can Find Tirf at:

And Finally music this week is provided by the über talented Jack Moss.

Jack is a 17 year old multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer from Ottawa, Canada.

He has just released his first EP entitled "Warmer Weather" from which we will be playing the the title track from on this week's episode. You should check this kid out as he has a major upside and future in the music business for sure

You can find Jack at:



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