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Thursday, 29 September 2016

This Week's Guests Are Ballers Star Stacy Ann Rose & Model Ria Schumacher

First up this week in the virtual studio we have an interview with one of the stars of the hit HBO series "Ballers" actress Stacy Ann Rose. Stacy talks about filming the series, working closely with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and her new feature film "Break The Stage" which is released in theatres on the 1st October.

Some of Stacy's credits include:
Break The Stage 2016
Ballers 2015-???
Dolphin's Tale 2011
Ladies Night Out 2008
Burn Notice 2007

You can find Stacy at:

Secondly we have an interview with Model Ria Schumacher who served 12 years of a 25 year prison sentence when she was wrongly convicted of murder. Ria is now ready to tell all in a new book series.


KANSAS CITY, MO – If you lived in Illinois in the mid-nineties you would know the name Ria Schumacher. Ria was seventeen at the time and was asked to go with her mother’s boyfriend and brother for a drive. The trip turned out to be a drug deal and the deal went bad and ended in the murder of the man they were selling drugs to.
The homicide left Ria with a twenty five year prison sentence because she was tried as an adult. Ria’s life was taken from her and she was not expected be free again until her early-forties. But after twelve years and ten appeals, Ria Schumacher was finally released due to her “lack of involvement”. Now at the age of thirty-seven, Ria is finally ready to tell the entire story in a three part book series.
The books are going to be released in the beginning of 2017 starting with Where the Truth Lies, which will, for the first time, tell a completely candid account of the events from this high-profile case. Ria Schumacher did not hold back anything in this memoir. She is releasing every aspect of the case and trial and exposing the injustice she received from the Illinois state judicial system.
After her prison release, Ria has returned to her career in modeling that she began as a teenager, and has also been a regular motivational speaker in the same prison system that robbed her from the best years of her life. Ria was also on season eleven of the Dr. Phil show where she was given advice by Dr. Phil on how to cope with life after facing this life-altering tragedy.

You can find Ria at:


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