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Drew Carson was brought up in Coatbridge & later Airdrie, Scotland. The son of an accountant, Drew did most of his growing up in a large sandstone semidetached house in a low crime area of Coatbridge. By age 6 he was already writing his own short stories and by twelve his love of film and television had crossed over with his love of story telling and he began to write his own movie scripts. What followed was an obsession with every finite aspect of the film industry that led to him making a series of short films whilst at college.

While Drew was awaiting word on funding for his first feature film his filmmaking dreams were crumbled by a runaway A-Train illness without a diagnosis. Drew spent the next eight years battling a condition that left him suffering from multiple seizures each day sometimes in the tens and severe depression.  He rarely left the family home but still managed to sell a horror screenplay to a small Canadian production company. He was also the lead writer on a web series called “Caverns” which ran from Summer 2009 until Christmas 2010 he wrote for from his home in Scotland while it was shot in Toronto, Canada. The web series had 32 episodes with the first seventeen written by Drew as well as the finale.

In 2011 after gaining his confidence back Drew moved out of the family home and into one with his then girlfriend now wife. He has written a short memoir “Who Am I” using writer’s block, his unfinished stories and poems to describe his illness as well as his unfulfilled creative life up until that point.

In 2015 He embarked on a new journey and that journey was podcasting with his very own weekly show entitled the Drew Carson Show. Each week he chats with celebrities as well as others with interesting life stories about their careers and beyond. So far the show has racked up more than 60 episodes and a feverishly loyal audience. The idea came to him when he was assigned the task of being more sociable during a therapy session with his therapist. The original idea was to call either a member of his family or a friend each week and just chit chat for ten minutes or so to help with his social anxiety but Drew decided that if he was going to chat to someone each week why not make it someone famous. 

In January 2016 Drew began writing the first draft of his novel then titled Deamhan. The original genre was historic crime fiction but as he wrote the book he lost interest in that concept and decided what the book needed was a shot of monsters and a shot of magic. Now in the editing stages that original story makes the basis for the new with the first half of the book taking place in 1986 on a small factious Scottish island before being transported into the modern day, whisked together with magic and mayhem along the way.

Also in 2016 Drew began developing a documentary film entitled Mind Garden where he hopes to raise awareness for a medical condition referred to as PNES or Dissociative Seizures. Drew had this to say about the documentary. “In this documentary I will break down the condition, one that I myself suffer from, and talk with both leading figures in the medical field plus others who suffer from this condition and hopefully raise awareness for this taboo medical topic. I have suffered from Dissociative Seizures for over a decade and like many others I was misdiagnosed for many years as being epileptic. Now with a new diagnosis of  Dissociative Seizures triggered by Social Anxiety disorder caused by untreated PTSD I am finally in a place mentally to talk candidly about PNES and how the diagnosis can lead you to wrongly question your own sanity and validation especially when some medical staff still know little about the condition and treat you and your seizures as fraudulent." 


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