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Friday, 18 December 2015

Season 2 Guests Announcement!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 4 December 2015

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Podcast News

This week brings some very interesting news for the podcast regarding guests for season 2. Firstly I have been in talks with some very interesting people and those talks are for the most part going extremely well. I know its annoying for me to say this and then not drop some names but I feel its best to wait until they are recorded. What I can say is I am very excited for what season 2 could be if these interviews work out and I will drop the names one by one as these interviews are recorded. In other podcast news I am thinking of mixing the formula of the show up for season 2 much to the recomendation of you, the listeners. Yes the one thing most requested when answering my question of how can I improve the show for season 2 was break up the show a bit so its not just an interview and thats it. So I will be talking about things that are on my mind or that I am working on each week. The working title for this segment is Drew's Corner but don't hold me to that title I may rename it haha. 

Novel News

The rewrite stage of my novel is taking longer than I wanted but not longer than I expected. On the plus side the first half of the book is a lot better produced and presented than I thought as I was writing the the second half of the story. I may have mentioned this before or not but the story is split into two parts. Part 1 takes place on the Isle of Deamhan in 1986 and part 2 begins in Edinburgh in 2016 and travels to Glasgow and returns to the Isle of Deamhan. The first half of the book was well plotted out in advance and took around a third of the time it took to write part 2. The reason for this being that the story changed genre and style as part 1 was ending. The story began, back in January as a gritty crime story but by April it was now changing and morphing into a story about magic, monsters and mayhem with a Scottish accent. The story now is far more interesting and of a grander nature but that transformation led to certain issues. Issue 1 how to use what I had to set up part 2 and have the reader come along for the journey? Issue 2 would this story work as well on paper as it did in my head? The answer to issue 1 is easy to answer it just took the addition of a few new scenes and characters that became vital in part 2. The answer to issue 2 is unanswered until the novel is released. 

The cover design above is a mock-up of the kind of cover I would have liked to use in the beginning but I don't feel represents the mood and direction of the book the way I would like it to so I am changing it. I am also changing the title. So here is the exclusive for you guys, never mentioned anywhere else before the new title for the novel is;