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Friday, 30 September 2016

This Week's Episode Link

The Drew Carson Show Season 2 Episode 35 Featuring Interviews With Stacy Ann Rose & Ria Schumacher

International Podcast Day 2016

With today being International Podcast Day I thought I would give some love to five of the podcasts and podcasters I follow myself and highly recommend to you guys and gals.

So in no particular order:
1. Podcast Bay Hosted by Scott Doucet

Podcast Bay is your source for all of the Trash, Treasure and Tricks of the podcast industry! Host Scott Doucet interviews podcasters from all stages of the game to talk Pet Peeves, Accomplishments, Audio Quality, Marketing, Promotion, Money, Engagement and what goes into creating a successful podcast!

2. Raw & Real With CJ Ripka Hosted by CJ Ripka

The No Polish No Bull Podcast! CJ brings you the killer content from some of the most inspiring people he meets.

3. Me Myself And I Radio Hosted by Anthony Hayes

Join host Anthony Hayes, author of The Science of Being on a journey of Self Discovery, and overcoming obstacles despite our circumstances. Topics of discussion include Personal Development, Mental Health, Success, Habits, Fear, Failure, Mindset, Meditation, Productivity, Mindfulness, and Self Awareness. I draw from personal experiences in my battle with Clinical Depression to become a better self. My mantra is "Control the Controllable, as for the rest, Keep on Flowing, Just be..." memyselfandiradio.com

4. Kevin Pollak's Chat Show Hosted by Kevin Pollak

Kevin Pollak's Chat Show is a podcast and live streaming video talk show seen every Sunday, 3PM PST on YouTube. An award-winning actor, Pollak (The Usual Suspects, Casino, A Few Good Men) was named by Comedy Central as One of the Top 100 Comedians of All Time. Here, he interviews celebrated actors, writers, directors, comedians, and masters of the tech universe. New episodes drop weekly on Tuesdays.

5. The Joe Rogan Experience Hosted by Joe Rogan

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast is a long form conversation hosted by comedian, UFC color commentator, and actor Joe Rogan with friends and guests that have included comedians, actors, musicians, MMA instructors and commentators, authors, artists, and porn stars. The Joe Rogan Experience was voted the Best Comedy Podcast of 2012 on iTunes. In addition online listening, fans can watch a videocast of the show live on Ustream or tune in on Sirius XM’s “The Virus” channel on Saturdays at Noon ET and Sundays at 5:00 AM and 6:00 PM ET.

 Find out more about International Podcast Day by Visiting this link.


Thursday, 29 September 2016

This Week's Guests Are Ballers Star Stacy Ann Rose & Model Ria Schumacher

First up this week in the virtual studio we have an interview with one of the stars of the hit HBO series "Ballers" actress Stacy Ann Rose. Stacy talks about filming the series, working closely with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and her new feature film "Break The Stage" which is released in theatres on the 1st October.

Some of Stacy's credits include:
Break The Stage 2016
Ballers 2015-???
Dolphin's Tale 2011
Ladies Night Out 2008
Burn Notice 2007

You can find Stacy at:

Secondly we have an interview with Model Ria Schumacher who served 12 years of a 25 year prison sentence when she was wrongly convicted of murder. Ria is now ready to tell all in a new book series.


KANSAS CITY, MO – If you lived in Illinois in the mid-nineties you would know the name Ria Schumacher. Ria was seventeen at the time and was asked to go with her mother’s boyfriend and brother for a drive. The trip turned out to be a drug deal and the deal went bad and ended in the murder of the man they were selling drugs to.
The homicide left Ria with a twenty five year prison sentence because she was tried as an adult. Ria’s life was taken from her and she was not expected be free again until her early-forties. But after twelve years and ten appeals, Ria Schumacher was finally released due to her “lack of involvement”. Now at the age of thirty-seven, Ria is finally ready to tell the entire story in a three part book series.
The books are going to be released in the beginning of 2017 starting with Where the Truth Lies, which will, for the first time, tell a completely candid account of the events from this high-profile case. Ria Schumacher did not hold back anything in this memoir. She is releasing every aspect of the case and trial and exposing the injustice she received from the Illinois state judicial system.
After her prison release, Ria has returned to her career in modeling that she began as a teenager, and has also been a regular motivational speaker in the same prison system that robbed her from the best years of her life. Ria was also on season eleven of the Dr. Phil show where she was given advice by Dr. Phil on how to cope with life after facing this life-altering tragedy.

You can find Ria at:


Tuesday, 20 September 2016

This Week's Guest Is UK Freerunning Icon Ryan Doyle

On this week’s episode I welcomed UK Freerunning icon, Red Bull athlete and actor Ryan Doyle into the virtual studio and onto the podcast to discuss his freerunning career, the art of freerunning, his Airborn Academy and his ambitions in Hollywood.


Ryan was born in Liverpool UK, Graduating from Liverpool Hope UK in Media TV Production. He excelled in Korean Martial art KUK-SOOL-WON, and won his first Gold Medal in 2002. Ryan began integrating Jackie Chan style action into his media, appearing as a supporting artist for many years before landing a bigger role when Ryan was cast as the evil character ‘Finch’ in the “Freerunner” Movie, and had major-input to the action choreography of the feature. Recently, Ryan finished another lead role along with actor Sam Neill in the up-coming Action-Scifi “DXM” 2016 Directed by Andrew Goth.
For 8 years Ryan has travelled the world competing in competitions becoming 2X World Freerunning Champion at the Red Bull art of Motion 2007/2011.
He has appeared on television on NatGeo's Fight Science, the Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon, doubled for Ellen DeGeneres and won "Best International Series" at the YouTube Streamy Awards 2013 with his online viral series "Travel Story."
Ryan teamed up with members of the Liverpool community to open the UK's biggest urban sports academy the Airborn Academy which is pioneering the new age training facilities that are emerging all over the world.
You can Find Ryan at:

Thursday, 15 September 2016

This Week's Guest Is Futurist & Broadcaster Ben Hammersley

On this week's show we have a fun interview with Futurist, Journalist, Broadcaster and author Ben Hammersley. We chat about his awesome BBC series Cyber Crimes With Ben Hammersley which available on Netflix. We also talk Edward Snowden, climate change and just what a Futurist actually does.


Ben Hammersley FRSA FRGS (born 3 April 1976 in Leicester, England) is a British internet technologist, journalist, author and broadcaster based in London, England. In 2013, he became a fellow of the Robert Schuman School for Advanced Studies at the European University Institute, Innovator-in-Residence at the Centre for Creative and Social Technologies at Goldsmiths, University of London, Editor at Large of Conde Nast's Wired UK magazine, a member of the European Commission High Level Expert Group on Media Freedom, and a non-resident fellow of the Brookings Institution

Hammersley previously worked as an internet reporter for The Times. Until 2013, he was the UK Prime Minister's Ambassador to East London Tech City.
Hammersley is a member of the Transatlantic Network 2020., and a trustee of the London chapter of the Awesome Foundation. In August 2011 he was made a fellow of the UNAOC.

This is one episode not to be missed if your interested in tech, new world crime, hacking or don't want to be on my bad side.

You can find Ben @

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

This Week's Guests Are Gospel Sensation Syreeta Thompson and Film-makers Tirf Alexius & Remoh Romeo

This week's show is packed to the brim with guests and music!  

First up we have Stellar Award nominated Gospel Trumpet Phenom Syreeta Thompson. Syreeta is regarded as the greatest trumpet players in Gospel music and she is on the podcast to talk about her new album Winner! Perhaps better known as “The Trumpet Lady” Syreeta, second studio album entitled “Winner" features an eclectic range of inspirational music and A-list features including Grammy nominated singer, Hezekiah Walker’s Love fellowship Praise team.

Gospel music fans have been singing the praises of Syreeta Thompson for over a decade. She has been known to share the stage with other gospel greats such as Hezekiah Walker and Dorinda Clark-Cole and recently Syreeta was a featured artist on Dr. Bobby Jones’ Gospel Industry Retreat. Her accomplishments have also earned her a position as the Director of Arts Education for Dorinda Clark Cole’s Singers and Musician’s Conference, a renowned musical convention that inspires and instructs thousands of ministers and performers each year.


You can find Syreeta at:

Next we have the creative minds behind 4 Features Film Company filmmakers and actors Tirf Alexius and Remoh Romeo. Chicago’s top independent film company 4 Features Film, has just announced the upcoming theatrical release of their new feature film Bastard Son of a Thousand Fathers. 4 Features Film is a full service production company that is known for their high quality independent films and also their television commercials which has won them multiple Telly Awards.

Their latest project Bastard Son of a Thousand Fathers has already created a big buzz with their loyal followers and mainstream media. The film is written and directed by Lanre Sarumi and the main characters and executive producers are this week's guests Remoh Romeo and Tirf Alexius.

The crime thriller tells the story of a ruthless immigrant’s persistent quest for power and fame which leads to the development of a new addictive drug that allows the user to reach an ultimate high while still remaining a productive member of society. Just as he’s starting to cash in on his invention, a blackmailing kingpin threatens to take it all away. This fast-paced action packed thriller is filled with cliffhangers and laced with twists, turns, and the bodies of everyone who gets in the way.

The movie is the brainchild of brother team Remoh Romeo and Tirf Alexius who worked on the script for several months before beginning production. “It tells the real life decisions some people are faced with when they have limited options”, says Romeo. “We wanted to give an accurate portrayal of how life can be for immigrants in some of America’s toughest neighborhoods” adds Alexius.

Bastard Son of a Thousand Fathers has a nationwide theatrical trailer and is slated to be released in select movie theaters in Chicago on September 16 and in Los Angeles and New York City September 23. After the theatrical release the film will be released around the world on every major on-demand format. For more on Bastard Son of a Thousand Fathers visit the film's website 

You can Find Remoh at:

You can Find Tirf at:

And Finally music this week is provided by the ├╝ber talented Jack Moss.

Jack is a 17 year old multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer from Ottawa, Canada.

He has just released his first EP entitled "Warmer Weather" from which we will be playing the the title track from on this week's episode. You should check this kid out as he has a major upside and future in the music business for sure

You can find Jack at:



Thursday, 1 September 2016

This Week's Guest Is Hip Hop Recording Artist EARL

On this week's episode I sat down with hip-hop recording artist EARL.
We chat about his music style how his faith influences every aspect of his music as well as much more. EARL is a self-taught musician with a unique style which he keeps profanity free. (yes an episode of the podcast minus profanity)

He believes God has called to him to create music that shares "God's truth and light" with the world.

We will also have one of songs playing during the show so join us Friday 2nd September for this interview and remember if you haven't done so yet please subscribe, rate and review the show on iTunes or whatever other podcaster app you use.

You can find out more about him at these links: