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Monday, 9 November 2015

Drew's 2016 Goals

So as I have recently completed the first draft of my debut novel I have had some free time before taking on the "fun" editing stage. I have recently sent out a few invite/requests to very exciting possible guests to appear on the show in January and beyond as well as heard from a few past guests who would like to appear on the show for a second time so look out for those announcements on this blog and on the facebook page. I have also mapped out what will be my next writing projects including a second novel, a children's book (age range 0-3 years) with the proceeds going to a worthy charity and an extended edition of my memoir entitled "Who Am I" which will feature a brand new cover as well as covering my journey with the podcast, marriage, writing projects as well as a traumatic life event I have been dealing with. 

So for 2016 the goals are as follows;

 1. Publish my novel in January 

2. Have the extended edition of my memoir out by March
3. Have the children's book out by the summer
4. Season 2 of the podcast to continue to reach a wide audience and to chat with more interesting guests
5. Have my second novel, which I will announce the title and genre of early next year, published by December.

Busy year ahead for yours truly with all my projects so should be a lot of fun. I will be making a few announcements regarding my novel and the podcast before the end of the year and I will also be giving out the results of the question I posted for you guys late last month. 

So until then keep up to date by checking the blog and the social media accounts and I look forward to episode 1 of season 2 of the Drew Carson show.

~ Drew  

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