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Friday, 27 November 2015

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With the first draft of my novel now finished and editing and re-writes underway I have come to realise that I feel partially overwhelmed by this stage of the journey. The closer the book gets to being complete the more I dread releasing it into the world for others to read and judge as I may not be ready to recieve that kind of feedback. i seem to be in a constant battle with doubts, doubts, doubts and oh yeah doubts everyday as I try to turn the barebones and concept of this story into something that will be easily followed and hopefully enjoyed by others.

I have been procrastinating on it for a week now instead concentrating more on finding guests for season 2 of the podcast which has been a mix of both great excitement as I get closer to signing some very cool interviewees up for the show and utter despair and embarassment when I recieve emails back from agents and publicists that basically put me in my place with some harsh but possibly truthful replies telling me I am not worthy of talking to their clients as I am not in their leagues. Now I haven't been going after the Tom Cruise's or Jennifer Lawrence's of the showbiz world but to some of these publicists I am about as much use to the promotion of their clients as a massive flop at the box office. I've had everything from my email writing style to my gall to contact in the first place questioned  by some yet by others I have received some incredible feedback and had agents and publicists go out of their way to try to make an interview happen and to them all I can say is a massive THANK YOU!!! 

What I have learned from the podcasting journey which started out contacting celebrities on social media all the way through the more professional route is that you have to develop a rather thick skin if you want to pursue this undertaking. If you want to interview people you admire or find interesting you have to be able to take a "Who do you think you are?" Or "Do not contact me again."  Response because every 50 of these will lead to one that is a step closer to reaching that interview you are after.

The truth is anyone can do a podcast all you need is a recording device which could even be your phone, a computer, a hosting site and an idea of what you want to talk about be it interviews, talking on a certain topic or even about your life anyone can do it and if you are thinking about doing one or have previously just do it. It doesn't matter how many people listen or download your episodes do it for you and an audience will eventually come to you. it is easy to record more difficult to find your audience and guests but it is worth it, most of the time.

So Far I have 4 or 5 pencilled in but as always I won't say who until they are recorded but I'm excited to talk to them and share those episodes with you.  I hope to have the show back week 1 in January but as I will be away around that time for a wedding it may be week 2 instead. i will be doing a Google+ hangout before the end of the year to talk about my novel and officially reveal it's new title..... Yes the title has changed once again and I will give a more indepth description of the plot and characters. 

Thanks for still checking out the blog page and facebook page and I hope to see you all in January for season 2: Bigger, Better & Full of Chat.


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