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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Big Picture Thinking

So I have now been podcasting for 22 weeks, I've made mistakes, made changes to the format along the way, met many fascinating people, made friends, found an audience of 1000s coming back each week and that audience is growing rapidly. So, I have decided that to keep that audience strong I will make the possibly stupid decision to finish season 1 of the show in the next few weeks, with 2-5 specials to follow fo the rest of the year including The Return Of The Beast as Dan "The Beast" Severn becomes our first returning guest. We will also have a Halloween special of some description (fingers crossed this pans out) I have a few ideas for what to do but may resort to providing a commentary track for a horror movie if interviews fall through. I promise it will be in-depth and worthwhile. I will also be doing a special where I will talk more in-depth about my debut novel Deamhan and when and where you will be able to buy it along with answering questions from you, the audience. Other specials are underwraps at this time to be revealed on this blog and our facebook page when they will be ready.

Season 2 would then start back in January with exciting interviews lined up with the kind of guests you will be excited to come back for and, as a plus, you all won't have to listen to another q&a from yours truly to cover a week we couldn't arrange a guest for (or atleast that's the plan) I will also be doing a book launch, fingers crossed, in January for which I will do a special podcast episode. 

I will finalise all the details after I reveal next week's guest so look for those blog posts coming soon and don't forget to tune in tomorrow for our newest episode featuring askthepilot.com 's Patrick Smith. 

Thank you

~ Drew

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