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Monday, 17 August 2015

Technical Difficulties

Due to technical difficulties this weeks' planned episode, part 1 of an interview with the Bullets and Angels comic book creative team Brian Lee Byrd and Saint Yak, will not be uploaded until next week. This interview was filled with funny moments of technical difficulties itself so its quite apt that this should be the one that this should happen to. Here's what the issue is, I am on holiday so I took a disk with the recording of the interview, the show intro and exit music as well as my intro for the guys and my thank yous at the end. The problem is that disk has gotten corrupted somehow and will no longer read on my laptop, which is not the computer, I would use through choice to edit an episode to begin with. My desktop is newer and all the software runs on it easy ozy, on the laptop not so much. I hope to have the episode sorted and uploaded  on Friday 28th.

I would like to apologise to the listeners of the show for the annoyance of this and I hope you guys will stick around and bear with me through these early stage hiccups of the show. I would also like to apologise to Brian and Saint for not having their episode up this week, we had a blast recording it and I know they were looking forward to sharing that experience and their collective journey on creating Bullets and Angels with all of you.

Hopefully (knock wood) this will be the last hiccup for the show and we will be back to regular programming as soon as possible.

Thank You,
~ Drew

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