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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Novel Announcement

No not an announcement regarding the show but as my name is in the title I thought it apt that this here blog page was the perfect place to make such an announcement. The novel I have been writing since January under much guarded secretism is at a stage where, although not finished by any means, is close enough that I am finally ready to reveal the title. Those who follow me on Twitter will have seen the teaser picture yesterday;

And featured the challenge to any eagle-eyed follower to work out what it said. Well with a few guesses sent my way varying from the ridiculously funny to the very close but no cigar but no one hit the nail on the head. Well here you go folks;

That's right the novel is entitled "Deamhan" and is set in 1986 and 2016 on a fictitious island off the coast of Glasgow, Scotland named Isle of Deamhan. It is a tale of horror, murder, magic and small town fears written in dream logic. This project is something I have been working on for a looong long time and am thrilled to be that bit closer to sharing with you all. I believe, fingers crossed, this will be available by December but don't hold me to that haha I have a long road of re-writes and beta reading ahead but damn it if the finish line isn't in sight.

I will tell you guys and gals first the whens and wheres regarding the release of the novel and all the information regarding the publishing process.

And regarding the show,  we have the first part of our fantastic interview with Sean Michael Wilson this week which is a fun, fun listen (to him not me haha) and we have the first episode with two guests at once coming up very soon so keep following this blog and the show's page over at Facebook and if you want to know more about me follow me over on Twitter @theDrewCarson.

Cheers for making this such a fun ride guys and gals,

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