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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Special Thank You To The Listeners.

As a special thank you for all the great feedback I received in response to both the recent 2-part interview with Pat Mills and for the Q&A episode I have decided you award (punish some may say) with a double episode this week. The Interview with Craig Campbell was recorded over two calls and seventy minutes so is a perfect fit for 2 episodes but instead of having to wait a whole week you will get both episodes this week, Friday and Saturday to be precise.

So a big thank you  goes out to all the listeners who have stayed with me on this journey and all the new listeners alike. Also a huge thank you goes out to the great interviewees who have donated their time along the way so far.

There are many interviews recorded for the weeks ahead and more scheduled for the weeks beyond. I will let all you guys in on the who and when as that info can be released.

~ Drew

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