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Friday, 17 July 2015

Little Blog Post

So far this page has been dedicated to delivering breaking news on who will (or in the case of two weeks ago won't) be appearing on the show each week and that will remain the main usage going forward but I would also like to utilise the real estate to feature some other updates. What they will be I don't quite know but I would like to write updates regarding myself as well as the show after all the show is called "the Drew Carson show" even if it is really about the guests. 

I had a blistering week of interviewing last week were I interviewed the very funny stand-up comedian Craig Campbell, pro wrestling superstar Chad “Gunner” Lail and Scottish Manga supremo Sean Michael Wilson. Each was filled with both laughter and serious conversation on varying topics and I enjoyed them greatly for different reasons and hopefully you all will also.

This week I have been concentrating on trying to get my novel finished which has been a difficult write for the last two weeks. I stupidly took a week away from writing to focus on other things, some personal some not and getting back into the groove has been troublesome at best. The style I am writing in is experimental and can raise issues that the ever so brief outline I had written didn’t supply easy answers for. A story taking place over thirty years and not having a clear main character throughout is a difficult sell to begin with but when you throw in that its written in “Dream Logic” that throws up warning signals to most people I talk to about it. I know, being the only one who has read any of it, that it does work on some levels. I also know it doesn’t work on others but that’s what re-writes are for. The problem will be if the story only makes sense to me and not to whomever I give the finished first draft too to give me much needed editing notes.

The journey from beginning this book back in January to where it is now has been a fun at times maddening at others but so worthwhile over all.  It started off as a straight up crime story and through the months and many long internal conversations with myself (I know that sounds crazy) has transformed into a dark horror that pulls no punches. I am aiming for it to be released this year but that may be just a pipe dream but no matter when it is ready for release I will announce it here and on the Facebook page for the show. I will also announce it on my twitter account over at : @theDrewCarson if you want to follow me over there.

Thanks for reading this far if you managed to and if you didn’t, ‘Hey guys who managed to read this far how smelly are those others that didn’t?’

Just kidding.

Thanks for all the support for the show it has meant the world to me. I will strive to continue to improve as your host and to keep haggling to get you the best guest possible.

~ Drew Carson

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