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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

End Of An Era!

After taking some much needed time away to reflect on both life and on the direction of the podcast I have come to the realization it is time to step back from the Drew Carson show all together. 

I have had a tremendous time interviewing some amazing people and making friends with a lot of them and of course the greatest part was interacting with you all. This journey started at a time when socializing was a scary prospect for me and you guys and gals made it that little bit easier each and every week.

I have realized that the show has evolved beyond what I set it out to be which in some ways was a good thing and in others not so much. I need to get back to basics and to pursue a new direction in podcasting all together.

I will be recording 1 or 2 more episodes to round the show up and I will be featuring some great guests on those shows so watch out for them in the coming weeks. 

I want to take this time to thank each and every one of you who stuck by the show and by me over the last year and a half and I want to also say that this is not the end of my podcasting journey just the end of this particular show. 

Some of you will like the new idea I have some of you will probably hate it which is all good. I will post up a link to the new show when it is ready on here and on social media and I will see you crazy cats in the coming weeks for the final few episodes. 

Lets make them the best of the best.

Thank you.



  1. I will miss the Drew Carson Show but I am certain that i will like the new show just as much... Send her off with a bang buddy

  2. Thanks CJ that means a lot bud. I'll let you know as soon as possible all about the new show.

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