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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Wee Update

With Alien Beliefs, the first episode of The What? With Drew mini series of audio documentaries to be featured on the DRew Carson Show feed going up on the 28th Oct as this years Halloween special it is only fitting that this past Tuesday I began recording the next one. This time  sees yours truly, a self confessed sweet tooth step away from the sugary delights and all refined sugar and bad carbs for that matter as I go 30 days without any added sugar. This isn't me jumping on any bandwagon or fad diet this is a numpty's attempt at research to see what effects it will have on my mental and physical health.  I will be recording audio diaries all the way through and keeping track of my mood, my weight, my waistline and if I can actually stick to it for a month.

I will also be putting up menu plans and updates on here, Twitter, my Instagram account and the Drew Carson Show Facebook page so if you haven't already check them out at the links provided below.

Here's my before pic from a recent bevvy session at a pub, another thing I won't be doing drinking alcohol, damn didn't think about that haha. Anyhoo keep up to date by following these links and we will be back to regular programming shortly with who this week's guests are, yes two guests once again.


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