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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

This Week's Guest is Legendary Star Trek Writer Dorothy "DC" Fontana

On this week's episode we welcome the legendary writer and story editor of both the original and Next Generation series of Star Trek Mrs. Dorothy "DC" Fontana into the virtual studio to discuss her career spanning 6 decades. She talks about working on shows such as Logan's Run, Six Million Dollar Man, Buck Rogers in The 25th Century, Land Of The Lost, The Waltons, Dallas and of course her work on the Star Trek franchise. This is definitely not an episode to be missed if you are a Trekkie or interested in pioneering women in the entertainment industry.

You can find out more details about DC at her IMDB profile by clicking the link.

Partial Credits

Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II (Web Series) 2006
Star Trek: Tatical Assualt (video game) 2006
Star Trek: Legacy (video game) 2002
Earth Final Conflict 1997
Babylon 5 1994
Star Trek The Next Generation 1987-1988
He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe 1985
Buck Rogers In The 25th Century 1979
Dallas 1978-1979
The Waltons 1978-1979
Logan's Run 1977-1979
The Streets Of San Francisco 1973-1975 
Kung-Fu 1975
Land Of The Lost 1974
Six Million Dollar Man 1974
Bonanza 1969
The Big Valley 1968-1969
Star Trek 1966-1969
The Tall Man 1960-1961

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