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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

This Week's Guest Is Voice Acting Legend Wally Wingert

Yes the show is back after a brief 2 week hiatus where yours truly spent most of which on a beach or by the pool with varying cocktails in sunny Corfu. We are back and back with a bang this week as we welcome voice acting legend Wally Wingert into the virtual studio.

Wally has provided voices for such animated films and television shows as Family Guy, The Garfield Show, Marvel Heroes, The Penguins Of Madagascar, The Cleveland Show and The Rugrats. His voice has also given weight to characters in major video games such as the Arkham series,  Final Fantasy XIII-2, Gears Of War 2,  SoulCalibur IV and Saints Row.

Wally was also the announcer on the Jay Leno Show for 835 episodes, the only one in history to be a voice over only. I had a blast chatting with Wally about his career and I'm sure you guys and gals will have a blast hearing from the man himself so make sure to subscribe, download, spread the word and all that jazz.

You can connect with Wally here:


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