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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

This Week's Guests Are Shauna MacDonald and Craig Fairbrass

This Week the Drew Carson show has 2 special guests.

first up is SHAUNA MACDONALD!!!

Shauna is a tremendous actress who has appeared on television  in major roles in popular series such as Spooks (MI-5 in the States) State of Play and Danger Mouse. She is also the lead of the Descent franchise as well as starring in movies such as The Rocket Post, Debt Collector, Late Night Shopping and Filth.

Some of  Shauna's acting credits include:

- State of Play               2003
-Spooks aka MI-5         2003-2004
-The Rocket Post           2004
-The Descent                 2005
-Sea Of Souls                2006
-Wedding Belles           2007
-Mutant Chronicles       2008
-The Descent Part 2       2009
- Filth                             2011
-Danger Mouse              2015

Shauna also runs a drama school in Portobello, Edinburgh called TribePYT Youth Theatre. You can find information about it at this link: TribePYT

You can also find Shauna on social media at:
   Twitter          @shaunamacd0nald
   Facebook       Shauna Macdonald

Our second guest this week is CRAIG FAIRBRASS!!!

Craig like Shauna has been a regular on our screens both big and small for while now with roles in popular television series such as London's Burning, EastEnders, Duck Patrol and Prime Suspect. He has also starred in movies such as Cliffhanger, Rise of The Footsoldier, The Bank Job, Devil's Playground and the Hooligan Factory.

Some Of Craig's acting credits:

-For Queen and Country       1988
-London's Burning                1990-1991
-Prime Suspect 1                   1991
-Prime Suspect 2                   1992
-Cliffhanger                           1993
-Darklands                             1996
-Duck Patrol                          1998
-EastEnders                           1999-2001
-The Long Weekend              2005
-White Noise: The Light        2007
-Rise Of The Footsoldier       2007
-The Bank Job                       2008
-Devil's Playground              2010
-House Of The Rising Sun   2011
- St. George's Day                 2012
-Breakdown                          2016
Craig can be next seen in Breakdown which comes out in cinemas on the 15th of January.

The Trailer can be found here: Breakdown

Craig Can be found on social media at:

Official site

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