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Monday, 29 June 2015

Who's this weeks guest anyway?????

Well usually by now I would have announced this week's guest interview and would be promoting the episode but this week is a little different. This week I find myself for the first time in the relatively short period the show has been running for not knowing who that interviewee is. I had an interview fall through on me due to legit reasons and a couple of others that could have been recorded this week may be recorded to late to promote and/or edit and upload as I also run an online business and am a full time writer by trade.

 Fear not though, the show is not cancelled for this week. I am busy approaching possible replacements and awesome new guests to appear on the show and will keep you posted on the developments as they happen.

If I can't find a replacement I will run a q&a with myself as this week's interviewee with you, yes you there reading this as the guest hosts of the show. Email your questions to; thedrewcarsonshow@outlook.com or by leaving comment on the facebook page at: www.facebook.com/thedrewcarsonshow or by leaving a comment on this post.

If we record a interview in time the q&a will still be recorded as a special bonus episode which will appear in your subscription feed mid week (next week). I will announce on friday who will be next week's guest and its a big one for any comicbook fans out there so please check out this site or the facebook page for that bombshell.

Thanks also for your continued support and for liking and subscribing to the show I will continue to try and improve as a host (I have a long way to go) and to continue to pursue the exciting, interesting and controversial guests for future episodes.

Thank you, Drew

Monday, 22 June 2015

Andrea Perron Interview Part 2

The concluding part of the Andrea Perron interview will be uploaded to iTunes on Saturday 27th June. Don't miss part two of this great interview, subscribe now on iTunes to never miss another episode. We talk hauntings, UFOs, writing, the farmhouse, Hollyweird, Andrea's radio show and much much more. I had a blast recording this interview (the second time it was recorded,due to technical difficulty, as much as the first) and i'm sure if you are a fan of the paranormal you will too. We will also have an announcement for the 4th of July episode shortly.

Quick Update

Got 2 great, great interviews lined up to be recorded in July with two guys I'm personally a huge fan of. As always I will let you all you guys and gals know first on here and on the blogger page but trust me you won't want to miss these episodes. Remember to subscribe to the show on iTunes if you haven't already and tell your friends, family and enemies about the show as you are the show's greatest asset in finding even more listeners. Thank you! ~ Drew

Thursday, 11 June 2015

This saturday 13th June we welcome the hugely talented Kim Edgar to the Drew Carson Show. Kim is a Scottish folk singer with a stunnng talent for writing beautifully pained lyrics and back them up with a tremendous piano accompaniment. We are thrilled to welcome Kim to the show and to feature her great music. https://www.facebook.com/KimEdgarMusic?fref=ts
I am so happy to announce that on the 20th June and 27th Episodes of The Drew Carson Show we will welcome Andrea Perron to the show. If you have seen the movie The Conjuring you may think you know the full story of the Perron family and the horrors they endured but Andrea puts things straight on the our show. Andrea is the author of the trilogy of books entitled House Of Darkness House Of Light, which explains what truly happened over the near decade the family stayed at the farmhouse. We also discuss writing; ghosts, UFOs, Hollyweird and a whole lot more. You won't be disappointed so make sure to subscribe if you haven't already and keep checking this blog and the Facebook page for more info.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Big Giant Swords

This Saturday's episode features the Big Giant Sword maker himself Irish Mike. If you're a fan of the show, of big giant swords or very funny irishmen then this is definitely the episode for you. Remember to subscribe on iTunes to make sure you never miss an episode and to keep checking this site and our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/thedrewcarsonshow for all the info on up coming guests.